Notes from Students & Parents 


                            "Sierra is exceptional! She is insightful about students' learning styles and is extraordinarily skilled at explaining math concepts in a way students can understand. She also does a wonderful job coordinating and communicating with teachers and parents. She is the best!!" - Liz

                             "Sierra is smart, patient, warm, caring, supportive and kind - everything you would want in a math tutor. She develops customized plans for each student to help meet their individual goals, be it catch up or take it to the next level. She works with her students' families and school teachers to make sure each session has maximum impact. She focuses not only on achievement, but also on self-esteem, working hard to motivate her students and make math fun Sierra is a gem. If you are lucky enough to get one of her rare openings, you will never give it up" Kate 


                            "Sierra helped me prepare for the GRE when I was an undergraduate at Wellesley College. It was a pleasure to work with her. She conformed to my learning style rather than expecting me to conform to her method. She is patient and has a calming presence, which was especially helpful because I have math and test taking-anxiety. I felt completely comfortable letting her know when I didn't understand something, and, inevitably, she would find a way to help me make the connection. She is particularly adept at disambiguating scary sounding concepts. I highly recommend her. I am now in a top Ph.D. program!" - Bianka 


                           "We have been working with Sierra for over a year now and the results have blossomed beyond our highest expectations. Not only is our daughter understanding math better, she is enjoying it, and approaches it with such a terrific attitude. One of the things that Sierra specializes in is girls' anxiety towards math, and that seems to have measurably helped our daughter as well. She is genuinely invested in helping your child, an extremely hard-working young woman, and goes the extra mile (and more!) to boot." - Susan

                            "Dear Sierra, Zach has had many tutors over the course of his academic years and I can say, with complete confidence, that you are by far the most collaborative, attuned, invested and caring tutor he has ever had.  Your concern and interest in Zach's well being came through from our very first phone conversations.  After sharing my concerns about Zach's strengths and weaknesses, I felt heard and understood by you and felt a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt hopeful for the first time.  You were diligent in preparing for each session with Zach and you truly got to know him, his concerns, his fears, his strengths and areas of opportunity.  I think your ability to connect with him enabled you both to work so well together and was a key to the success you had with him.  You were accessible and patient with me and with Zach.  You could be the role model for every tutor out there!" - Yvette