Tutoring Philosophy

Confidence and motivation are key; inspiring self-efficacy, enthusiasm, and curiosity

Individualized Tutoring

Lesson plans address each 
student's unique strengths, 
challenges, and learning style

About the Instructor

Sierra Smart has worked with students and faculty from 30+ schools, many in Wellesley and the surrounding towns. She is adept at navigating traditional, Common Core, and Singapore-style instruction. Sierra has enjoyed classroom teaching and curriculum development for the Academic Students Center, Boston and The Riverbend School in Natick, in addition to tutoring in programs offered through Jewish Vocational Services, the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity and San Francisco‚Äôs Math Lab. Sierra finds creative solutions for helping students resolve learning-centered anxieties, enabling them to reach their full potential. She graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College and enjoys sharing her passion for academics. 

An Effective Approach

Creative techniques combine pictorial, verbal, and tactile instruction